An ode by Jan Mitchell ‘The Gardener’ at Cambridge Stud
He loves his lilies, his begonias and his grapes
He enjoys watching Emmerdale and playing tennis with his mates
He adores “Sir Tristram” roses and primula, pink and white
And multicoloured pansies, which well grown, are quite a sight
He goes to all the races, here and overseas
And he tinkers in the garden sometimes in rolled up sleeves
He pulls up weeds, one here, one there, then drops them on the ground
“Someone else will pick them up”, he says, then tosses more around
He loves to grow tomatoes, he’ll moddycoddle them all day and he’ll always grow them how he likes, no matter what you say
He really enjoys rugby, especially when the All Blacks play
He’d go to Mars if he had to, no matter what he had to pay
At home, he loves his orchard, although there, he’s not the Boss,
there’s a lady there that rules the roost, how, I’m at a loss
He worries bout the apples, the grapes, the citrus and feijoas,
he expects his crops to be produced, as would commercial growers
Of course he loves his horses, his stallions reign supreme
There’s one of course that’s ‘getting on’ but one of the best there’s ever been
He loves to roar along the drive, below the grand oak trees
Then speed off home with a heavy foot, the Discombe Road Grande Prix
Your right, you’ve guessed, its Patrick and as they say, one of a kind,
a man who calls a spade a spade, a better Boss you couldn’t find
Yes, Patrick loves begonias, his lilies and his grapes,
horses, tomatoes, roses, all his fruit trees and his mates.

Sir Patrick Hogan


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